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Dry Rot
Dry rot definition: Dry rot is wood that is rotten! Typically dry rot is found behind a surface such as paint or metal. Dry rot is caused when water gets behind a surface and sits on the wood. The result is long-term decay and permanent damage. It is common to see this type of structural damage in poorly installed windows, especially the window sills. Decks are notorious for having dry rot, too. We typically see a lot of dry rot in the coast areas, like La Jolla, Solana Beach and Del Mar. It is less of an issue inland in places like Santee, Poway or El Cajon. The extent of the damage depends on how the home was built and how often the surfaces get wet.
How to Repair Dry Rot Wood Surfaces

There are two ways to repair wood surfaces that have been damaged by dry rot.

Replace the wood

The best option is to completely remove the damaged wood and replace it with new wood or a composite, non wood product (i.e. PVC, Trex etc). If you opt to use real wood again, it is best to make sure all surfaces of the wood are thoroughly primed and sealed. A common mistake in attempting to cut costs and quality occurs when a carpenter removes the wood and replaces it with new wood, priming only the exposed areas. The same problem of dry rot may occur again because the wood is not properly sealed. All surfaces of a wood must be sealed to help avoid dry rot in the future.

Patch and Repair

This is a more economical option. A skilled carpenter can cut out the damaged areas of wood and rebuild the area. He sometimes will use a combination of wood sealer, wood and epoxy. The repairs are made once the surface is completely dry and sealed to prevent further dry rot problems. In the end, most people will not know the difference between a repair and a full replacement. A skilled contractor can work wonders with epoxy and other solid wood fillers. This temporarily prevents further dry rot issues if done properly.

Dry Rot Repair & Replacement, What To Do Next

Keller and Keller Construction is excellent at evaluating and advising you on options that best meet your goals for dry rot repair. We see dry rot often. We do the entire repair, including painting. We have no high-pressure sales staff, so you will never feel uncomfortable with the way we do business. Our in employees are highly trained to repair your home or structure per your needs.

There is no charge for us to evaluate your home to determine if you have any rotten wood surfaces. If you would like a free repair and painting estimate, please don’t hesitate to contact us with the form provided.