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ADU Details

Just as San Diegans lead the nation in inventive housing, Keller and Keller leads the parade in the “ADU trend.” The moment the state eased ADU restrictions, we followed the building permit process. We are one of the first firms to gain approval for and successfully construct these additions. We have built ADUs in San Diego, Del Mar, Poway, Alpine, La Mesa, Point Loma, Ocean Beach and La Jolla, to name a few. We are “ADU experts,” successfully completing scores of these innovative spaces.

Homeowners are finding that a well-designed home can accommodate more than its owners. Grandparents or parents, adult children, company and Airbnb guests will enjoy your accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), while you increase your property value.

With housing costs rising, many homeowners are investing in a renovation to create space for extended family living or renters. These homes can be built in a variety of ways, including a second-floor unit, guest suite with a kitchenette and separate entry, or redesigned garage. All are excellent options for aging parents or recent college grads, allowing them to cut financial burdens and avoid renting at a time when rents are rising.

What is an Accessory Dwelling Unit and why is it a good idea?

1. Investment. An ADU increases your property value as a fine long-term investment for your family. More young adults are living at home and more people are exploring alternative living options and long-term investment. An ADU or granny flat increases the value of your home when you choose to sell or pass it on to your children. Your ADU is built on existing property so by creating a secondary living space, you add to your home’s versatility. An ADU is also a potential revenue source, while enhancing resale price. ADUs generally increase the value of a home by 20 to 30 per cent.

2. Family unity. In today’s challenging world, it’s difficult for boomerang kids to afford their own housing. While they start careers, many millennials are struggling to pay back student loan debt. Accessory dwelling keeps the family together on one property. Instead of texting and calling busy children or aging parents, consider the pleasure of connecting face-to-face in a multi generational household setting. Meals, entertainment, conversation can be shared, benefiting all. Yet an ADU provides separate bathroom and kitchen and bedroom space. Many young people are returning to their parental homes and elderly parents are struggling to afford assisted care or retirement homes. Here, ADUs are a fantastic alternative for families to spend time with loved ones while supporting them in care-giving, student loan pay-off and the security of knowing help is near if needed. By allowing loved ones – children or parents — to live in your investment property, you are also supporting them, whether it be to build a stronger financial foundation or save retirement funds.

3. ADU Cost. The skyrocketing cost of housing may result in a national housing crisis. With rent costs rising by 20 per cent a year, and average cost of housing on the rise, families are seeking long-term housing for loved ones. As a safe and private housing option, ADUs are an affordable investment in your home — an investment that appreciates in value and long-term utility.

4. Starter home. Raising a family in California is challenging and expensive. The average price of a home in the Golden State is two-and-a-half times more than the median national home price. So, an ADU is an excellent starter home for a young couple or family. If you have a young family – recently married offspring with perhaps a new grandchild — an accessory dwelling unit can give your kids time to save money for a new home. Besides enjoying proximity of having family near, you are also helping them begin a new life in a starter home.